Pointproofs Vector Commitments

tl;dr: Pointproofs extends Libert-Yung vector commitments1 with (cross)aggregation of proofs.

Notes and observations

Somewhat incremental cross-aggregation

Pointproofs supports cross-aggregating subvector proofs $\pi_I$ that were obtained from a previous round of aggregating individual proofs \((\pi_i)_{i\in I}\), where $I\subset [n]$ is a set of vector positions. In that sense, it can be thought of a being somewhat incremental.

In fact, (I believe) Pointproofs can cross-aggregate individual proofs directly too (although the paper does not seem to discuss this).

  1. Concise Mercurial Vector Commitments and Independent Zero-Knowledge Sets with Short Proofs, by Libert, Benoît and Yung, Moti, in TCC’10, 2010