RSA Accumulators

An RSA accumulator is an authenticated set built from cryptographic assumptions in hidden-order groups such as $\mathbb{Z}_N^*$. RSA accumulators enable a prover, who stores the full set, to convince any verifier, who only stores a succinct digest of the set, of various set relations such as (non)membership, subset or disjointness. For example, ...

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Linear Diophantine equations

Equations of the form $\sum_i a_i x_i = 0$ where the $x_i$’s are integer unknowns are called linear Diophantine equations. Their integer solutions can be computed using greatest common denominator (GCD) tricks. In this post, we go over a few basic types of such equations and their integer solutions.

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Aggregatable Subvector Commitments for Stateless Cryptocurrencies from Lagrange Polynomials

tl;dr: We build a vector commitment (VC) scheme from KZG commitments to Lagrange polynomials that has (1) constant-sized, aggregatable proofs, which can all be precomputed in $O(n\log{n})$ time, and (2) linear public parameters, which can be derived from any “powers-of-tau” CRS in $O(n\log{n})$ time. Importantly, the auxiliary information needed...

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